Credentialing / Enrollment

Medicare / Medicaid / Commercial Payors
The tedious and on-going process of credentialing is incredibly confusing and time-consuming. We take care of this for you! Once we begin working with you, we ensure that we enroll your practice in whatever insurance carrier is required. We also stay on top of Medicare changes and guidelines to ensure that your office stays compliant and is always aware of any incentive programs offered by Medicare or Medicaid.

A major component of the installation process is the myriad of paperwork necessary to enroll providers in the various insurance programs (i.e., Medicare, Medicaid, and Managed Care). Our experienced representatives will work closely with you and your staff to expedite the enrollment process. Our staff will prepare and submit all paperwork necessary to enroll you and your practice. We will continue to follow up with each insurance carrier to ensure that all of the required documentation is in place so that you can begin expanding your patient base and begin the billing process!