Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I outsource my billing?
  Simple… We are experts in field of medical billing and practice management. By utilizing our services, you and your staff can focus on the most important part of your practice – your patients. Our company’s speciality is “medical billing and practice management”. Once you allow us to manage your practice and billing, you will begin to see how your office will benefit from outsourcing your billing and practice management needs.. Our experienced staff has been certified in the field of coding and billing. You will no longer have to worry about issues such as: staff turnover, computer and software costs and support as well as the supplies needed to prepare and submit the billing.

How does the process work?   Your practice will be assigned an Account Executive who will be available to answer any questions or concerns you might have. The burden of the tedious billing and follow-up process is now taken away from you and your staff; which enables your office to focus on the treatment of your patients and, therefore, run most efficiently. We will come into your office and spend time with your front-end staff to ensure that the paperwork is set up correctly. Our office does not get paid until you do! This incentive is proof that we will do everything in our power to ensure that all of your claims are paid accurately and in a timely manner. In addition, our experienced staff will carefully review your charge entry on an on-going basis to be certain the coding is current and is being assigned properly. We will inform your office and staff of any new changes in the healthcare field as they pertain to your practice in order to keep your practice up to date.

What are the fees?   Our fees are set up as a percentage base on receivables. We only charge for monies collected! The cost varies based on the size of the practice.

How can I stay on top of my billing information?  We know just how important it is for you and your staff to be able to view your patient billing information! We are proud to offer a seamless connection at no extra cost to you! Your practice can assign a representative to access your practice information from our secure server.

What other services do you offer?   We can automate your front end by offering a completely automated scheduling system. This can be set up for multiple doctors within a practice. In addition, the information in the scheduler can enable your front end staff to check benefits and eligibility for your patients automatically! The scheduler will also provide balance due information so that your staff can collect at the time of service! This will immediately increase your receivables!